Have chairs will travel

Portable seating from Carl Hansen & Son – Kaare Klint’s Safari Chair and Mogens Koch’s Folding Chair – is now available. Both chairs embody the synergy of classic design and functionality that has been the hallmark of so many of Carl Hansen & Son’s most famous designs.

Both designs were recently acquired by Carl Hansen & Son and are now available commercially in North America for the first time. At home in a living room as much as in a home office, these portable chairs are easy to transport and require minimal assembly. Each chair can easily be folded up or disassembled and stored away.

Introduced in 1933, Kaare Klint’s Safari Chair embodies its designer’s philosophy to create furniture to serve a purpose, which is evident in the Safari Chair, featuring an elegant design with functionality. One of the first “build-it-yourself” pieces, the chair is easy to assemble, or disassemble, without any tools. It consists of 20 individual pieces and no adhesive, making it easy to roll up and transport. The Safari Chair is also available with a matching foot stool.

Mogens Koch’s Folding Chair made its debut in 1932. The chair was intended to be a tribute to the classic director’s chair, but also makes clear references to Mogens Koch’s passion for functional design. Mogens Koch envisioned a piece of furniture that would be easy to transport and aesthetically pleasing. The chair is also very easy to pack away due to its simple folding mechanism, with its mounted brass rings providing smooth movement.

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