Four from FLOS

This fall, FLOS is introducing four fab products.

“When the iPad, a source of information, becomes a source of light”—Philippe Starck
The successful D’E-light desk lamp by Philippe Starck is now available in an updated version which allows users to recharge all generations of i-Pod, i-Pad and i-Phone, and the most used brands of Smartphones (such as Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Moto X and Droid), thanks to the mini USB connector above the light diffuser. The cool chromatic sophistication of the aluminum, the efficiency of the light source and the compatibility with various types of digital gadgets, make the D’E-light lamp perfectly attuned to our contemporary habits. Available in a polished aluminum finish. The light source is a Flat Panel 2700 K 299 Lumen total 5W CRI85.

FLOS is incorporating the latest lighting technologies into each of their new products and this lamp is a prime example. The advanced Kelvin Green II, designed by Antonio Citterio with Toan Nguyen, offers the following new technological advancements:
· Light-sensor – saves energy by automatically decreasing consumption as alternate (sunlight, overhead light, etc.) becomes brighter
· Motion sensing technology – turns off automatically to save power when it doesn’t sense presence in the area
As well as these important features similar to the other Kelvin lamps by FLOS:
· Die-cast aluminum body and steel base
· Pantograph arm (360° rotation)
· Adjustable swivel head (355° rotation)
· SoftTouch technology to turn it on/dim/off (100%-60%-0%) with the touch of a finger
· 30 2700K Top LEDs
· Diffuser with a special chemical photoengraving technique provide a warm, soft and comfortable light, while avoiding harsh visual contrasts


“A magic bookcase where the books take flight towards the light” —Phillipe Starck

Only a visionary mind like Philippe Starck’s could imagine a floor lamp like Bibliotheque Nationale. The French designer, like a contemporary wizard with the power to animate objects, imagines a fairy tale bookcase where the books pirouette and take flight towards the light. This lamp, without sacrificing formal rigor and simplicity, which are constant features in Starck’s work, perfectly expresses the tastes and needs of everyday lives comprising multi-function, dynamic objects. The designer has created small shelves on the main stem for books and other items. He has also extended its functions with a USB connector on the base of the lamp to recharge popular smartphones. Having it near us facilitates our daily habits of reading, making telephone calls or relaxing. A surreal addition to settings, Bibliotheque Nationale seems to fulfill our simplest but most fundamental desires, with that magic that is often a feature of Starck’s creations.

“I have been experimenting with this shape – a circular shape with a central spoke – for the past 20 years or more. I find it captivating. There is something otherworldly about it. Orotund glows like an aura on the wall”—Marc Newson
According to Newson, the Orotund wall lamp has the fascination of an arcane and mysterious form – archaic and futuristic at the same time. Conceptually speaking, it can be defined as a luminous halo, an aura projected on the wall, a cloud of light. But Orotund also has an exquisitely Pop look, and the Australian designer’s typical flair for rounded shapes. It could almost be an object from the Yellow Submarine cartoon, or a Star Trek gadget, or the steering wheel of a sports car with a big central button that is the horn. Newson has been working for years to give new semantic value to a shape that he had already successfully adopted for Alessi, but in the function of a table accessory. The Orotund lamp reconfirms Newton’s love for colored polymers, sinuous organic shapes and eclectic versatility. An indirect LED source emits light from the hidden side of the lamp, which is made in injection-molded plastic in white, grey and olive green.

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