3 for IIDEX

IIDEX Canada is coming up fast. The country’s National Design + Architecture Exposition & Conference takes place at Torontoi’s Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Sept.26 & 27.

A highlight of the show are the hundreds of innovative products and services on display. Following are three notable products to check out at IIDEX 2013.


Juxta, an award-winning product designed by EOOS for Keilhauer, is a collection of chairs, stools, and tables designed to address the myriad of ways people behave and interact while meeting. In large groups, or small, in public spaces, or private, the juxtaposition of opposing behaviours often occurs in a single scenario: formal and informal; mobile and stationary; standing and sitting, brief and lengthy. Juxta addresses all these dichotomies.


Design You Edit, from Italy, is a new concept of design and furnishing. Its products are “editable”: they can be modified, customized, both in their shape and function, with simple steps and a touch of creativity. They are multifunctional, flexible, they can be transformed or adapted to different uses and locations: home, office, all kinds of public areas and even outdoors.


Flex is a modular lighting system by Levey. Illuminated curves, straightaways, and Z-planes come together in any combination you can imagine to create completely custom, beautifully luminous installations along walls, ceilings, or both. Mix and match six slender, lightweight, connectable components that use energy-efficient, replaceable LED sources combined with 3M technology to create an exceptionally even, luminous glow.