Sempli’s ICE

The contemporary design company Sempli, is thrilled to introduce the ICE Collection, which is debuting at this year’s NY NOW (Feb. 1-6, 2014). This will also be the company’s first time showing in the Accent on Design division.

Conceived by Sempli’s founder, Daniele “Danne” Semeraro, the designs for the ICE Collection originate from Sempli’s cutting-edge, stemless Cupa-Glass Series. ICE features a frosted finish and the collection boasts the only frosted decanters on the market.

Sempli’s philosophy is simple: connect the best of two countries. It blends Swedish simple functionality with Italian style and elegance. It is Semeraro’s belief that the stem of a glass is superfluous from both an aesthetic and a technical point of view. Designing glassware without one became his philosophy. The swirling rotation of the glass when posed on a table is both visually inviting and practical. It allows for the aroma of a brandy to seem into the surroundings and for wine to oxygenate in a perfect manner.

Staying true to the Italian tradition, the glasses are hand produced by the most knowledgeable glass blowers. This series, like the rest of their glassware, is made out of the purest, lead-free crystal, making it a 100 per cent sustainable experience.

The ICE Collection

Vaso-Vino ICE (Decanter), 8” x 6.5”; Vaso-Aqua ICE (Decanter), 9” x 5.25”; Vaso-Sake ICE (Decanter), 6.5” x 3.75”; Vaso-Sake Set ICE, Including one Decanter and 2 Cupa-Shot Glasses; Cupa-Vino ICE, 4.25” x 3.75”; Cupa-Rocks ICE, 3.75” x 4”; and Cupa-Shot ICE, 3” x 2.5”

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