Mixing it up at Mischbar

A place that serves salads, soups and curries, ice creams, coffee, smoothies and juices, deserves the name Mischbar (Mixbar for non-German speakers). Located in the historic city center of Nuremberg, Mischbar brings its customers fresh local food. The design studio formed by Marcos Aretio & Udo Kloos based the interior on an indoor market, full of sunshades, hanging bulbs, trolleys and high tables, where fresh local ingredients are transformed into salads, smoothies or curries.

The counter of this special “market” is built in three different materials and textures, depending the food that ones wants: striped white Corian (which looks like tiles) for ice creams; oak wood for the soups and curries; and concrete for the salad area. Cold, warm and fresh materials respectively. As a small detail, a tray dispenser was built inside the counter.

The seven-metre-long oak bench is supported on only two “V” metal pieces located in the centre. The back of the bench was used to house a representation of the city of Nuremberg, a piece created by artist Martin Tibabuzo with rubber stamps made out of his own illustrations. Tibabuzo also illustrated the menu board, the columns and the tray trolley.

Probably the biggest challenge for Aretio & Kloos was to create the soups and curries menu. Mischbar has a menu of 90 different soups and curries, but only six are served daily. The menu had to be easily interchangeable and visible. The solution was given by creating 30 wooden triangular pieces (like Toblerone chocolate), engraving with laser one dish on each side.

The coat hanger was designed as a wink to ice-cream lovers, using metal scoops to create the hooks.

Mischbar, located in the historic city center of Nuremberg, is very close to the Hauptmarkt where the famous Christmas Market happens every December.

For more info about the designers, visit aretio-kloos.de