Azulej comes to Montreal

A small family business has brought a big name in design to Montreal. Ramacieri Soligo has just launched the new Azulej collection ceramic floor and wall tiles by Patricia Urquiola.

“With Azulej, we would like to evaluate the memory of hydraulic cement, experimenting [with] an innovative digital printing technique which enables the production of a high diffusion product,” says Urquiola. “The patterns deliberately combine different aesthetic languages: memories, geometrical schemes, floral design, all developed both in a longitudinal and diagonal direction. The process has exponentially developed, and we have managed only to sketch some possible combinations…and now, it’s up to you!”

The Azulej collection is composed by three base colors (Bianco, Grigio and Nero, available in sizes 20x20cm), from which 27 singular patterns are created to compose combinations, sold as a whole. Out of the 27 patterns, nine are sold individually to be repeated endlessly and combined. The collection also comes with three solid neutrals that are used to design carpet patterns or borders as well as to be used solely.

Involved in the Montreal ceramic industry since 1967, the Ramacieri family, now headed by third-generation owner Gianni Ramacieri, partnered with the Soligo Family in 2004 as Ramacieri Soligo and have a 13,000 square foot showroom in Montreal.

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