It’ll be a sunshiny year

The forecast for the year ahead is looking sunny. So much so, that yellow will be a dominant colour in home décor in 2014, according to Canadian paint brands Sico and CILpaint – both brands of PPG Architectural Coatings — in unveiling its colour palette for 2014.

From warm buttery yellows and saturated pastels to robust reds, retro blues, and energetic browns and greys, “the spectrum of colours for the coming year continues to reflect people’s desire to disconnect from today’s complex world and return to the beauty of nature and art,” said Mylène Gévry, brand director for Sico paint.

“The more that technology advances, the more we feel the need to maintain balance with the earth and all things natural,” added Gévry. “On one hand, our 2014 colour palette creates a contemporary and edited view of modern society, and on the other, it embraces an artisan past, influenced by the historical patterns of brocades, damasks, and toile, and our continued appreciation for anything hand-crafted.”

Based on research conducted by PPG’s international team of colour experts, Sico has unveiled three prevailing décor themes for the upcoming year: In Unison, Modern Mosaic and Logical Perspective. Each theme offers a diverse range of optimistic colours, from earth-bound to luxurious tones.

In Unison: This theme reflects the harmony developing between organic nature, technology and man-made elements. Featuring a mix of beach-inspired pastels combined with brighter hues, the In Unison palette is both friendly and futuristic in a livable fashion.

Modern Mosaic: Combining a lively mix of bold brights drawn from the full colour spectrum, Modern Mosaic is a testament to the growth of the craft movement as a dominant, long-term trend. Characterized by geometric patterning – from zig-zag and diamond to checker and chevron designs – this theme is all about multiple shapes integrated and pixilated beside more shapes, arranged in sets of brilliant hues from different colour families.

Logical Perspective: When life gets hectic, we all long for a place to think clearly, a peaceful spot where we can soothe our souls, renew our strength and bring order to our lives. Logical Perspective features calming, rich colours of black, off-whites, greys, putty neutrals and deep reds, blues and greens, that bring refinement, sophistication, balance and simplicity into our spaces.

“Overall, the 2014 colour palette demonstrates our growing desire for life balance,” said Gévry. “As a result, we will see increased use of rich colour combinations, innovative patterns and distinct lines throughout the year.”

CIL will also be singing the tunes of Mellow Yellow in 2014. “Next year’s stand out colour can best be described as a butter cream yellow, a warm pastel shade that has a fullness to it, but is still light enough to act as a neutral,” said Alison Goldman, brand manager for CIL paint, announcing Creamy as the brand’s 2014 colour of the year.

“It’s a soft, buttery colour that emits a feeling of calm, tranquility and renewal,” Goldman said, explaining that people today continue to look for new directions to retreat from our busy, connected lives, and mellow yellow creates a stable environment in which to pause and refresh. “It’s a very easy-to-live-with colour, continuously delivering a ray of warmth no matter what the weather outside.”