All about Alivar

Aliver is a furniture company located in Tuscany, Italy. With the help of architect Giuseppe Bavuso, over the last 10 years, Alivar has maintained a recognizable style – characterized by refined, clean lines and contemporary timelessness.

Since the beginning of 2013, Alivar has opened many stores: in Valux, Belgium, Istanbul, Singapore and Hong Kong; in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, where the company has set up a large space at a dealer’s shop; and in Taipei, Taiwan, where a flagship showroom has been recently opened.

A new corner shop has been set up in Miami, one of the world’s capitals of design. The U.S. represents an important market for Italian companies, and has a strategic role in the promotion of the Made in Italy in the world.

Two recent products by Alivar are the Pady armchair and the Wavy bookcase.

Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso

Pady is a armchair with simple lines and small dimensions; it can be easily adapted to a variety of interiors, not just residential. The hugging back was designed to offer maximum comfort. Pady also features visible stitching, which gives it an artisanal feel. The base of the light shape is available in painted steel or stainless steel with a Peltrox finish, and brushed brass inserts. The steel frame is covered with cold injected polyurethane foam and Dacron. Coverings can be chosen from a wide range of colours in leather or fabric.

Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso

The innovative Wavy bookcase consists of elements with an irregular geometric form that, when joined together, form a beehive structure. It is made in a special white acrylic stone, HI-MACS, patented by the firm LG; this innovative material is long-lasting, resistant, and non-absorbing because it is not porous. Ecological and absolutely waterproof, it has passed the colour test over time.

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