Chilewich Contract in colour

Says Sandy Chilewich, creative director of Chilewich Contract for architects and designers, “Over the years people have asked me if we will ever offer ‘real’ colours. I admit I am pretty neutral, but aren’t grey and brown colours, too? Of course what people were really asking for was bright colours. Guess I just wasn’t ready until now, but here they are!” 

Bouclé features a very rich texture that provides visual interest, without exhibiting too dominating a pattern. The original concept for the design was the desire to interpret the luxury of fine knitwear into a woven textile that was durable, modern and easy to clean.

Five new bright colours have just been added to the Chilewich Contract Collection of weaves for floor tiles, wall-to-wall flooring, custom floor mats and wall textiles. The Bouclé Brights are pink, citron, mélange, orange and turquoise. These new designs will be available from November 2013.

All Chilewich Contract fabrics are made with TerraStrand, which substitute petroleum-based plasticizers in their yarn for phthalate-free, renewable vegetable compounds instead. This means TerraStrand fabrics have a lower carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gas emissions, and can earn LEED points for renewable content. In addition, all Chilewich floor tiles are backed with BioFelt, which, combined with TerraStrand, means the recycled content of Chilewich floor tiles now approaches 60 per cent.

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