Tiles to go

Made in Canada, Smart Tiles are easy-to-install, peel-and-stick, self-adhesive tiles. They are easy to install in minutes without any mess or specialized tools, by simply peeling off the back layer and placing over existing tiles or painted walls.

As no professional assistance is necessary, Smart Tiles make it easy to to do an update in no time. The do-it- yourself element of Smart Tiles also makes them economical, saving money in both materials and labour.

Smart Tiles are specially designed for kitchen and bathroom environments, making them resistant to both heat and humidity. Made with 3D Gel-OTM technology, they are soft, flexible and durable. Once installed, they look like real glass tiles. This technology also leaves room for error as the tiles can be removed by using a hair dryer to heat the surface, and can then be easily peeled off upon softening. Each Smart Tile measures an average of 10”x10”.

The Smart Tiles Mosaïk line has 19 styles that come in six different series: Classic; Subway; Murano; DesignerSeries; Minimo; and Bellagio.

For more info, visit thesmarttiles.com