“Works of art”

In medieval workshops, the apprentice who wished to join one of the arts and crafts guilds was expected to submit his “Capo d’Opera” or “work of art.” In other words, he had to prove, through a particularly precise and accurate piece of work, that he had acquired a remarkable store of skills, knowledge and credibility.

In the same spirit, Italian firm Capo d’Opera meets this challenge every day by creating top-level products offering amazing aesthetic quality and functionality. 

Its latest collection is Box storage units, designed by Silvano Pierdonà.

A slender but solid metal structure supports simple side tables, shelves or chest of drawers of different heights placed one upon the other. Units reflect the huge possibility for playing with contrasting or chromatically matching nuances or custom-made with different finishings, such as shiny and matte lacquering, sandblasting, engraving in special patterns, and gold and silver leaf,. The drawer frames are in DuPont Corian and the front panel perfectly worked at 45 degrees.

For more info, visit capodopera.it