Happy 10th, Kastella!

The Montreal-based manufacturer and distributor of high-end contemporary wood furniture Kastella is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. “For us, 10 years is more than a gauge of success,” says Jason Burhop, the founder of Kastella. “It is a sign of acknowledgment by all of our customers who have supported us since the beginning and continue to purchase from us as their needs evolve. It is this support that allows us to continue making local furniture, known for both its quality and its aesthetics.”

Burhop is self-taught, however his path to cabinet making was not direct. After earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology, he switched gears and trained in residential construction where he then worked in renovation. Eventually, a client gave him access to his cabinetmaking workshop. At this point, Burhop began to make contemporary wood furniture and, before long, he was single-handedly filling orders.

He also quickly realized the importance of a storefront. In 2003, he opened Kastella on Boulevard Saint-Laurent. “I thought that the choice of solid-wood contemporary furniture was too limited in Montreal,” he explains. “In fact, I had already begun to design furniture for my home. The idea of a store naturally sprang to mind, so that I could display my new collections and fill, what I felt, was a gap in the market.” Burhop has designed some 60 different furniture pieces since opening the store. The collection now includes 29 pieces, from dining room tables to beds, dressers, and coffee tables.

Custom manufacturing is an integral part of the company’s philosophy. Aside from a few pieces, which are produced in small series, such as chairs and certain occasional tables, the bulk of the collection is made to order. Despite the production flexibility offered to customers, the quality of the wood species used, the care taken in the manufacturing, and the uniqueness of each piece, the prices remain competitive.

Kastella’s philosophy is founded on the principles of sustainable development. To minimize the impact of wood harvesting and transportation on the environment, the company uses species from FSC certified forests in nearby regions, most notably the northeast and midwest United States, as well as Canada. In the same spirit, the collection is entirely produced at Kastella’s workshop in Montreal. All subcontracted labour, such as metal work, upholstery and finishing is locally based.

For more information: www.kastella.ca