Reich+Petch + David Cronenberg

On Nov. 1, the new exhibition “David Cronenberg: Evolution” will open at the HSBC Gallery in TIFF Bell Lightbox. This immersive exhibition on the subject of the filmmaker and his body of work presents artifacts, movie props, set pieces and dynamic film elements from Cronenberg’s career. It parallels his evolution as a filmmaker with his presentations of human transformations in his films, from physical to psychological.

In association with the TIFF Bell Lightbox Exhibitions Team, Torontobased Reich+Petch Design International developed the design of this exhibit to push the boundaries in terms of design, space and visitor experience. Provocative, unique and challenging, “David Cronenberg: Evolution” inhabits three unique spaces, each designed in keeping with the cuttingedge, dark and at times, controversial style of the filmmaker.

Says Stephen Petri, principal at Reich+Petch and senior designer on this project, “From the very start we were inspired to invite people into the brain of one of the world’s most provocative filmmakers. We felt the dark installation, the visceral imagery and the brooding voice of Cronenberg himself as a central concept, would surely delight and terrify film enthusiasts and fans.”


The perimeter of the exhibition presents an almost encyclopedic chronology of his films, featuring many objects that give visitors a behindthescenes perspective on his creative process through scripts, storyboards and detailed documentation. The centre of the exhibition is focused on a large curvilinear installation which is a metaphor for the brain of the filmmaker. Major props and artworks that have figured prominently throughout his films are dramatically presented on the large brain platform. As visitors move along the perimeter of the platform they encounter many of the iconic, striking and terrifying objects from his films. These objects are placed in context with large images and vignettes that present the objects in the context of each film. Finally, at special locations around the perimeter of the brain, visitors have the chance to enter the very centre of the exhibit, conceived as the brain of the filmmaker. This central space is a dark installation of media where visitors can witness the voice and face of Cronenberg throughout his career and see his evolution as a filmmaker.

“David Cronenberg: Evolution” runs from Nov. 1 to Jan. 19. For more information, visit


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