Joel Berman’s latest wonder

Guaranteed to make a statement, Tessella, Joel Berman Glass Studios newest kiln-cast glass pattern dances into the spotlight eliciting memories of the works of M.C Escher with its “impossible” architectural construction.

First introduced as a prototype at NeoCon earlier this year, Tessella hits the market this week. The name Tessella comes from the word “tessellation”: a pattern made of identical shapes, closely fitted together without any gaps. Tessella’s intersecting geometric shapes create a three-dimensional glass pattern that is both organic and mathematically regimented. The curvature of the glass reflects light in such a way as to create rhythmic, dance-like movement across its surface.

Each side of the pattern reveals a three-dimensional attribute that showcases visual interest and play of light. Each panel can be custom fabricated and colour-matched to fit any design installation.

Tessella is the latest addition to Joel Berman’s kiln formed glass with three-dimensional texture – hot on the heels of Olivia, Ellisse, and Stilla.


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