Inspired by India

Following Iconic, an extraordinary first collaboration by Beacon Hill and Ankasa, the duo has partnered again to create the exclusive Ankasa: Legacy collection of residential fabrics. The Beacon Hill design team and Ankasa founders, Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia, created this addition to provide designers with a rich and textured line inspired by the Indian marketplace. With a focus on the finest embroidery and embellishment techniques, Ankasa: Legacy features vibrant colours and lush constructions.

Says Beacon Hill V-P Alexis Audette, “Ankasa: Legacy reveals elements of Sachin and Babi’s fashion sensibility and cultural heritage, and expands upon the original Ankasa line with bold colour and the exquisite constructions that Ankasa is known for.”

Adds Ahluwalia,”This new collection is inspired by traditional embroidery techniques from India, but we’ve updated the textiles using a modern colour palette and more contemporary style. We are thrilled that the fabrics showcase designs native to our home in India and think that the colour combinations and design will translate nicely here.”

The storied markets of New Delhi, Mumbai, and Calcutta burst forth with decorative arts, furniture, textiles, fruits, spices, and flowers. The colours, textures, and forms of these captivating environments provided the basis for Ankasa: Legacy. Ankasa’s signature deep indigo remains a prevalent hue in the collection, but vibrant tones of exotic persimmon and energetic marigold punctuate the line’s elegant designs.

The Indian market influence of the line is further referenced in the colours’ names: Indigo, a natural dye, has been a constant throughout the history of Indian textile production; Vermillion is a pigment found in the mineral Cinnabar and signifies marriage and fertility in Hinduism; Marigold refers to the flower, which is used for Hindu religious offerings and medicinal purposes.

The fabrics themselves encompass a range of delicate, handcrafted embroideries and lush embellishments. The striking embroideries combine contemporary design with traditional techniques, such as the convent stitch, a Bengali embroidery technique based on a grid wherein all stitches flow on a diagonal plane. The myriad of constructions in the line, include cotton jacquards from Belgium, Italian velvets, French linens, and of course, fabrics fully crafted in India.

Textiles of note include:

MELA STRIPE The name refers to the Hindi word “Mela,” meaning a festival, religious or otherwise. This cotton embroidery on cotton faille ground with an “up-the-roll” stripe is made in India.

CRAWFORD BEAD Crawford Bead uses the traditional Bengali convent stitch to create its mesmerizing embroidery. The metal beads are sewn on the fabric by hand on this “up-the-roll” stripe on linen ground. The fabric’s name refers to the Crawford Market in Mumbai. Crawford Bead is made in India.

RAJOURI Rajouri draws its inspiration from kundli, Hindu astrological charts, and is named for the Rajouri Garden Market in New Delhi. A delicate rice stitch embroidery on cotton ground, this textile is made in India.

BENGAL STITCH Bengal Stitch is inspired by Kantha embroidery, an embroidery stitch from Bengal. This cotton jacquard is made in Belgium.

KAROL VELVET Karol Velvet approximates the Kantha patchwork techniques from Bengal on a lush fabric made in Italy.

KOTA PRINT Kota Print is an interpretation of lahariya, a tie-dye technique found in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The design is print on a luxurious French linen at a mill in Austria.

SHAMIANA Shamiana is a standout embroidery on linen ground inspired by the intricately embroidered and appliqued wedding tents. Shamiana is made in India.

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Beacon Hill brings exclusive, finely crafted fabrics, trim and home furnishings to the interior design trade. It has a tradition of using fine materials and an opulent colour palette.

The Robert Allen Group is one of the world’s largest designers of fine fabrics for the interior design trade and is recognized as a brand leader in its field. It has showroom locations throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and an extensive worldwide agent showroom network.

Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia have been a sought-after design team in the fashion industry for more than a decade. They are responsible for much of the couture hand embroideries and unique textiles utilized by some of the industry’s most esteemed fashion houses. Their two stores, located in Manhattan on Madison Avenue and in Soho, host an array of exclusive products including pillows, bedding, furniture, lighting, wall art and accessories.