Karim goes to Italy

Our own Karim Rashid – that terrific, prolific design star – has created a collection for the new Italian company Purho. The collection is called “De  amore  in  Vitro.”

Says Rashid, “My ‘tech-organic’ works speaks about this moment in which we live, and speaks about a new movement that will shape humanity that Purho is very much a part of. I appreciate the desire to embrace new design while maintaining the skills of master craftsman. Purho does not follow the flippant recycling of trends. I see myself with these same attributes. Through our collaboration I am happy to bring to life objects that are dynamic, luxurious, and inspiring

Purho was born in Milan in 2013, thanks to the initiative of Andrea Dotto and Roberto Fracassetti. The company has an Italian soul and an international nature of its objects and collections of pure design. In the company’s words”

PURHO NOMEN OMEN A work of synthesis, a research that has been carried out in years. A collection of fabulous objects for the house. Finally ready, the production is going on. What else do we need? The name! But the name is not important, it’s the last piece, it comes by itself. You actually do not know someone when it tells you its name, but when you crash into its story and its roots, and then you want to know its name.

PURHO IN THE SPIRIT Purho is meant for the fruits, flowers, codes, liquids, objects, people, for all those other fragile, precious, secret vectors of life, love, memory, sense that surround us from the outside, but that open up interior worlds. The spirit of being technic, the organic forms, psyche and love in an era of information technology, and of biologic: the 21st century is the techno-organic century, it’s soul and body, contemporary forms of a classic model, it’s a human try to physically trace the immaterial instant, psychic.

PURHO IN THE HEART Purho is the expression of an intention, a spirit, a fable. It is a contemporary taste in a classic, technologic, designing, traditional and cultural criterion: the “fabula de amore in vitro” collection was born between Milan, New York and Venice, a fable that guides us from the ancient Rome to the Big Apple through the city of Venice in the seven-hundreds and through the contemporary Milan, to reveal the secret, the magic formula of made in Italy: If the matter is incorporated into the form, the function will last forever! (from which the true ecologic derives: the classic).

For more information, vist purho.it