A seminal structure

KREOD Pavilion, the new architecturally striking sculpture in London, England, has won a 2013 Structural Award for Small Projects under £2million. The Structural Awards is the industry’s most prestigious awards ceremony, celebrating international excellence in structural engineering.

Revealed last September, KREOD is London’s newest architectural landmark. The stunning sculpture forms the centrepiece of Peninsula Square, the busy public space between the Emirates Air Line and The O2 Arena on Greenwich Peninsula.

The brainchild of Chun Qing Li, managing director of Pavilion Architecture, KREOD is an innovative architectural sculpture, organic in form, environmentally friendly and inspired by nature. Resembling seeds, three 20-square-metre pods combine through a series of interlocking hexagons to create an enclosed structure that is not only magnificently intricate but secure and weatherproof. KREOD functions beautifully both as an architectural landmark and an imaginative exhibition space; its three pods can be combined in a variety of configurations or installed as freestanding forms.

Using state-of-the-art parametric design tools and digital fabrication, KREOD brings together some of the most talented designers, engineers and innovative materials – especially Kebony – to challenge current thinking and showcase sustainable and forward-thinking building methods. 

KREOD is constructed of Kebony, the award-winning sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood and preservative-treated wood. The wooden structure of KREOD is durable, resistant, sustainable, environmentally friendly, easily maintained and beautifully aesthetic.

In the words of the judges, “Once in a while, developing new techniques and processes coupled with imaginative and perceptive engineering skills, allow the realisation of a design that previously would not have been feasible or financially viable. Though temporary by nature, the KREOD Pavilion is a seminal structure, demonstrating the possibilities of the exo-skeletal approach to permanent habitable buildings of the future.”

Says creator Chun Qing Li, “A huge thank you to the Structural Awards 2013 and the judges who voted for us. The project could not have been a success without the support and resources from the extraordinary partners and team behind KREOD.”

KREOD Pavilion will soon be popping up at high-profile locations across the primary locations within the city of London.

For more information, visit kreod.com; kebony.com; ramboll.co.uk; evolute.at; or tensilefabric.co.uk

Kebony’s patented modification methods are the result of many years of research and development in Norway, Sweden and Canada. They are also based on collaborations with universities and institutes in Germany, the Netherlands, the U.S. and South Africa, including the Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology, the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute, the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, SHR Timber Research in the Netherlands, and the University of New Brunswick and Woodtech in Canada.

In 1997 Kebony was founded to develop and commercialize the technology, termed “Kebonization.” A pilot production facility opened in 2003 and from 2004 to 2007, Kebony delivered products to multiple large high profile construction projects in Norway. In 2007, Kebony started the construction of an industrially scaled plant, which was opened in January 2009.

Kebony’s revolutionary wood product can be used for decking, cladding, roofing, windows, indoor and outdoor furniture, yacht decking and other construction materials. Kebony has an international network of clients – its product has been used in a number of international projects including health spas, private residence, public sector projects, high profile yacht builds and more.

In recognition of its green credentials, Kebony AS was named as one of the world’s most promising clean technology companies in the Global Cleantech 100, both in 2010 and 2011, in competition with more than 3,000 companies from 50 countries. Kebony also received Deloitte’s Fast 50 Award; and was cited as one of the top 50 companies that could change our world in 2010, alongside being cited by CNBC as a top 25 creative European Company. Kebony also received the Nordic region’s the Swan and Glass Bear awards and numerous U.K. industry awards, including Home Building and Renovating’s Exterior Wall Finishes award.

This is what Pavilion Architecture believes: “Architecture is inclusive and highly collaborative. Our innovative application of experience and knowledge sharing enables us to create design solutions – aesthetically, functionally, economically and environmentally friendly. Architecture is our passion; we are committed to hands-on experience, research and use of advanced technologies, engagement with sustainability, and all aspects of creating great architecture.”