Walking on water

In partnership with Vancouver contemporary artist Zoë Pawlak, Burritt Bros. Carpet & Floors is launching a vibrant new collection of graphic area rugs. It consists of five rugs based on her abstract painting Over Oceans, which explores the passage of time and crossing the ocean, a once unimaginable distance to travel. 

Each of the five rugs – hand-knotted in Nepal – depicts the movements, variations and possibilities that a single, massive expanse of water can have. They include Over Oceans, a replication of the source painting; Anchor Holding, developed from the point in the painting that holds the entire piece in place; and Coastal Shift, which captures both gentle and colossal movement.

Burritt Bros. was established in Vancouver by Ed and Harvey Burritt it 1907. A hundred years later, their grandson Harvey added an area-rug division that specializes in custom hand-woven rugs.