Celebrating 15 with 15 “empty pockets”

The Franc-Belgian interior design agency of Hélène and Olivier Lempereur has created 15 limited-edition “vide-poche” sculptures to commemorate its 15th anniversary. “Vide-poche” translates to “empty pockets” from the French: a valet tray to store coins, keys, phones, wallets and such.

Truly timeless decorative sculptures, each unique piece is made to measure in the finest materials, which, when combined together, create an infinite variety of subtle effects. The palette offers, among others, the delicate reflections of the wire braiding within the glass, the gentle mapping of nacre, the unexpected depths of lava, the graphic veins of rosewood, and the striking modernity of the honeycomb resin and polished  stainless-steel mirror. The vide-poches illustrate the indispensable savoir-faire of master craftsmen (carpenter, weaver, glassmaker, metalworker, marqueter, gilder, etc.).


The work of Hélène and Olivier Lempereur reflects their individual expertise as much as it does the results of working as a duo. Olivier, as an interior designer and cabinetmaker, focuses on the stroke of his pen, following his instincts, and bringing life and shape to a space. Hélène, as a stylist and lover of art, focuses on the search and selection of materials, and fine tuning both the form and light. For each project, the work of one nourishes that of the other and, from the results, one can perceive their natural sense of harmony, along with their penchant for calming vistas, and volumes enhanced by the omnipresence of wood, fabrics and artwork. Always with the same attention to light, to the game of illumination, and the connection between the interior and exterior…under their direction, interiors transform into spectacles, combining perspectives, achieving balance, and anchoring them in our time without denying their past.

For more information, visit http://www.olivierlempereur.be