Allsteel goes Further with Create

As many of you may remember, Allsteel previewed the Create office system at NeoCon. Unfortunately, they recently discovered another furniture manufacturer is currently using the name Create Office Platform, which the company feels leaves the Create name diluted in the marketplace. Due to the very positive reaction to the new product, Allsteel would prefer to have a name that is as unique as the product itself. Therefore the solution was to rename the office system: its new name is Further.

The new product line offers organizations an agile furniture system that includes surfaces, supports, screens and storage that can be configured to form a wide variety of work environments.  Further also has the flexibility and scalability to allow customers to efficiently reconfigure their space on the spot, or over time.

Further allows users to work in environments that are most productive to their individual or organization’s needs. Integral to this notion is the Power Hub, the structural support for the system that can also double as a stand-alone power and data terminal. Previously, connection to power could limit space configuration options, but with Further, power becomes the catalyst that gives users the ability to do their best work in a wide variety of settings.

Further’s unique trapezoidal-shaped work surfaces offer an alternative approach to 120-degree planning. The trapezoid surface achieves 120-degree design without aligning users in face-to-face configurations and provides options so users do not fully face away from high-traffic areas such as hallways. Whether designers are looking for configurations like a linear bench or other organic work settings, Further has a solution to fit all work spaces and styles, opening the door to free thinking, planning and inspiration.