A little Lema goes a long way

In the middle of winter, Lema takes “made in Italy” to St. Moritz.

The Kempiski Grand Hotel Des Bains is an exceptional location and one of the famous accommodations in Engadin. Here the visitor will find lounges – which will welcome guests of Aston Marton on Ice 2014 from Feb. 2-10 – entirely furnished by the renowned Italian furniture company. The brand is also the key player of an important contract provider within the Kempinski Residences St. Mortiz designed by Rebosio e Spagnuolo architecture+design: single furnishings and entire frameworks created on the spot for luxury apartments that blend high-class hotel services with the privacy of a private residence.

For the sixth year in a row, Aston Martin has chosen the city centre of Engadin for Aston Martin on Ice, an event that allows its participants to drive some of the English automaker’s top models on a specially prepared ice track.

Aston Martin has entrusted Lema with furnishing an ample relaxation area at the Kempinski Grand Hotel Des Bains, made up of four living areas of a total of 80 square metres. Each area is dedicated to sofas from Lema’s first collection: Snap and Cloud by Francesco Rota; Mustique by Gordon Guillaumier; and Ocean Drive by Christophe Pillet.

The two brands, although part of different worlds, are joined together by a one-of-a-kind consideration of excellence and quality. The two worlds convey style, each in their own way.

The style is effortlessly proven by the contract division’s furnishings made for the Kempinski Residences: a new residential structure, consisting of long-stay apartments between 100 and 475 square metres, within which Lema has built a world that is warm and ideally suited to the alpine chalet. Each apartment includes ad hoc fixtures and furniture; beds, sofas, bookshelves and writing desks are taken from the company’s home catalogue and revisited in details, shapes and finishes in order to become special and exclusive projects. Even more complex are the projects related to fixtures, such as wall coverings, lighting systems, doors and fireplaces made in fabric, stone and wood, using logical models that combine a cohesive exclusivity to the materials, as well as the design.

Lema brings its idea of the home to St. Moritz: a place of the mind and of the soul. The home is like a tailor-made garment; it mirrors our tastes, our desires, and our habits, making us feel good and comfortable. 

For more info about Lema, visit http://www.lemamobili.com/en/