Neon nights

The latest exhibition at Bulthaup Toronto is entitled Orest Tataryn: Brilliant Disguise. Opening night is this Wed., Jan. 29, from 6 to 8 p.m. The exhibition runs through April.


The neon pieces in Orest Tataryn’s latest exhibition, Brilliant Disguise, feel familiar and legible, and yet they are unreadable and unrecognizable. Tataryn’s sculptures visually subvert well-known logos and cultural icons to disrupt the meaning contained in the artifacts of contemporary culture.

Orest Tataryn is a practicing artist, designer, and curator working with light as his expressive medium. From 1991 until 1999, Tataryn was a member of “Skunkworks/ Outlaw Neon,” a collective he founded to explore the relationships between light, colour and shadow. Since Tataryn’s retirement in 2003 as a fire captain, his solo studio practice continues to explore how light can transform space, create optical illusions, project afterimages and alter perception.

Bulthaup Toronto is located at 280 King St. E., Suite 100.

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