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Nora Systems, Inc. has just introduced Norament xp, an ultra-durable floor covering for highly impacted and trafficked workspaces. Offering enhanced stain and slip resistance, Norament xp is the ideal choice for operating rooms, emergency departments and cGMP facilities, where requirements for durability are matched only by demands for a clean appearance and comfortable work environment.

“The increased surface density and impact resistance of Norament xp help eliminate unsightly chipping and travel path wear, which means even heavy rolling equipment, such as large carts or patient beds, will not cause long-term damage,” says Amy Bostock, global brand manager, Nora Systems GmbH. “And underfoot comfort, paired with noise-reducing properties, means the floor contributes to a more comfortable and quiet environment, which can lead to a healthier and more productive staff.”

In addition to extreme impact and stain resistance, Norament xp offers the following attributes:

• Easy maintenance and reparability for a consistent clean look
• Ergonomic for walking and standing
• Absorbs rolling traffic noise
• Slip resistance in compliance with OSHA requirements

Norament xp is available in 3.5mm tiles and 13 standard colors. The floor’s hammered surface features a confetti design that complements other Nora products.

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