Fresh from Paris

This year Parisian company Lelièvre celebrates 100 years of designing and manufacturing beautiful fabrics. Its latest designs, in a fresh soft-tinted palette with metallic tones – define the contemporary spirit of the moment.

The new Vibrato fabric has discrete and supple brilliance with subtle iridescence. In the light, the fine gleaming undulations evoke the beauty of reptile skin. Strong resistance for upholstery hides behind a delicate appearance.

Granito has a matte and glistening appearance with an irregular texture. This fabric has a beautiful density with textural and coloured contrasts.

A new technical creation with modern elegance, Glyphe has an ornamental garland design that unravels in wide stylized stripes highlighted with metallic traces on linen. The pallete of natural linen shades and contemporary fresh tones play subtly with pearly nuances.

Spire is Influenced by the 1920s, a jacquard with delicate petit points and a background of strié cotton, which create a special and stylish matte plain.

A timeless architectural botanical design with Japanese influences, Phylum has matte shadows, discrete imprints and a ruffled texture on fluid cotton/silk. A timeless blend of sensual graphic shapes on softly coloured backgrounds.

Finally, Stabile is a curtain fabric with character featuring a geometric motif and sophisticated textures. Influenced by the painter Vasarely, this fabric has a wide generous composition and the texture of the material is enhanced by rounded sculptural shapes in monochrome tones contrasting with both the design and fabric.

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