Jonathan Dorthe helps get organized

The latest product from Atelier-D – designed by Montreal-based Jonathan Dorthe – is a wall-mounted coat rack will help you organize your apartment with style.

The Vanity Coat Rack has six pegs in maple wood; a mirror; and black or white board to write messages. The mirror and black/white board slide in a groove at the top of the wood mount, orienting them as you wish. Its useful in the kitchen, to hang your bags and dish towels, or to keep a list of the new restaurants you want to tr. It’s useful in the bedroom, to display your jewelry. It’s useful at the entrance, to hang your clothes and drop mail.

The coat rack is 18” x 1 3/4” x 4 1/4” deep; the mirror and message board are 12’’ x 6’’. Also comes with black/white board pen. 

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