Nora goes to Sochi

While athletes hope to turn in the performance of their lives during the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Nora Systems, Inc. is quietly supporting them and the thousands of visitors to the games with more than 61,000 square feet of floor coverings installed throughout a number of Sochi’s Olympic venues.

In fact, Nora products are underfoot as athletes and visitors arrive and walk through Sochi-Adler Airport. This major regional hub, located 23 km outside Sochi, was completely renovated and upgraded in preparation for the games, including the installation of Noraplan Signa, Norament 926 Grano and Norament 926 stair treads. Selected for their ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and their simple maintenance regimen, the floor coverings also provide comfort underfoot for weary travelers and complement design elements in the busy airport.

Nora products are also performing alongside athletes in several ice-skating sites situated in the Coastal Cluster of venues within Sochi’s Olympic Park. The eye-catching Iceberg Skating Palace, a 12,000-seat multipurpose arena that is hosting figure skating and short track speed skating events, features more than 38,000 square feet of Norament 825, Norament 926 stairtreads and Norament 992 Grano that offer slip resistance, resistance to heavy traffic and, in the case of norament 992 Grano, resistance to ice blades, spikes, cleats and free weights.

Nearby, the 12,000-seat Bolshoy Ice Dome and the smaller 7000-seat Shayba Arena are the sites for ice hockey competition. In both facilities, norament 992 Grano again provides slip resistance and durability properties so important to venues of this type.

A fourth indoor skating venue – Adler Arena – demonstrates the performance characteristics of norament 926 Grano and Noraplan Mega while introducing a granular effect to the arena’s design.

For spectators who make their way to Alpika Service Mountain Ski Resort, site of the Sanki Sliding Center for bobsled, skeleton and luge competitions, Noraplan and Norament products come together to provide similar performance and design benefits.

“We are thrilled to see nora products represented throughout the Sochi venues,” says Amy Bostock, global brand manager, Nora Systems GmbH. “The versatility of our floor coverings, along with their aesthetic and performance characteristics, make them ideal choices for each of the venues where they have been installed. Designed to minimize signs of traffic, they offer excellent wear and slip resistance, which is extremely important for an Olympic Park that is expecting 120,000 guests daily during the games.”

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