Spanish company Sonia introduces the Lesson collection: vanities and accessories that mature along with children

Anyone who has ever designed a bathroom for a family faces the same design dilemma: creating a bathroom that can and will grow with their children. Leave it to Sonia (based in Valencia but available in North America)  to have thought of this in a most creative and delightful way. Using vanities and accessories that can be easily changed from child-friendly to adolescent-friendly to teenage-desired, the Lesson collection is able to mature along with children. 


Lesson 1 is a collection of vanities that have multiple uses: each one grows with your child, allowing parents and children to always have the look they want. Beginning with the engaging vanity that comes replete with stickers, a foot stool/storage bin, washable crayons (the surface can be drawn on and erased thousands of times), a mirror that is easily angled and a book extolling the virtues of bathroom etiquette, Lesson 1 features an easy-to-replace front panel that is able to go from younger colours (purple and green) to more mature and “grownup” colours as children grow.


Also a fun piece for the bathroom and made of a soft, flexible material, the Lesson 2 washbasin pairs perfectly with the vanity. The polyurethane material of the washbasin is hygienic and prevents the growth of mold and mildew, keeping the bathroom safe and clean. The washbasin is easy to install and available in either white or bright sunny blue.


Included with the collection is a children’s book which extols proper bathroom etiquette and “stars” two delightful characters: Piwi and Bowi. These two animal characters are meant to educate children about the proper way to maintain personal hygiene without preaching. Piwi the penguin is more spontaneous of the pair: he likes to indulge his creativity. Bowi the bear is more responsible than Piwi: he cares about his personal image and that everything be in its place. Children no doubt relate to Piwi, and parents might feel an affinity for Bowi but either way – their stories are engaging and clever.

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