Artefakt’s Jado Joy bathroom-fittings range wins Gold

Gold for Artefakt: at the prestigious 2014 iF Design Awards ceremony, the Darmstadt, Germany-based design company received the top award in the competition, the iF Gold Award, for the Jado Joy fittings range. This latest prize in a long line of design awards is a particular highlight, as it honours the work of the 12-person team led by Achim Pohl and Tomas Fiegl in the year when Artefakt celebrates its 25-year success story. It began in 1989, when both founders, then students, took part in the Düker design prize and promptly found themselves on the winners‘ podium – which set the wheels in motion for the creation of Artefakt.

Achim Pohl and Tomas Fiegl, managing directors of Artefakt, accepted the Gold Award at the iF Awards ceremony at the BMW Welt in Munich, where the winners were celebrated by approximately 2,000 guests from the international design world. “As we founded our bathroom design company exactly 25 years ago, we are naturally especially delighted to accept this iF Gold Award for the Joy for Jado fittings range,“ said Achim Pohl. “Although we have already received many awards, awards ceremonies are always very emotional moments for us, because they show us that we are going in the right direction.“

With Jado Joy, the iF Awards‘ jury of experts bestowed their highest accolade on a fittings range whose design is both simple and unique: classic basic geometric shapes are joined by organically flowing links to create a harmonious, sculptural whole. The unconventional proportions are what give the new fittings range their elegance and personality. Even the handle becomes an integral part of the design and reveals its finesse when in use. Jado Joy is also technologically innovative: a brand-new, patented lifting technique ensures intuitive handling without any compromise on functionality. The range includes fittings particularly designed for baths, showers or washbasins. Artefakt‘s remarkable skill in the area of bathroom design was demonstrated by another award on the same evening: the new Ceraplan III fittings series for Ideal Standard, designed by Artefakt, also won a 2014 iF Award in the competition.

The fittings range is a formal reflection of the latest softly cubic, minimalistic architectural trend. This means it offers contemporary home and lifestyle culture in a medium price bracket and is a perfect fittings range for everyday use. The latest iF Awards for Jado Joy and Ideal Standard Ceraplan III show the Artefakt designers‘ flair and instinctive feel for design aimed at a vast range of market sectors and walks of life – meaning that the next bathroom design projects to come out of Darmstadt are worth getting excited about.


Artefakt Industriekultur was founded in 1989 by Achim Pohl and Tomas Fiegl. The two met while they were studying at the university. Since then, the Darmstadt-based office has earned a reputation that far exceeds the circle of experts. (Darmstadt is located in the Rhine-Main-Area of Germany.) In collaboration with the international industry, the 12-man Artefakt team works on the development product lines from the initial idea through the entire development process. The design process is supported by the latest design and construction software. Scale models, design plans and prototypes from the in-house model workshop are all part of design development.

Reduce to Identity – reduced to its unmistakable defining characteristics, the Artefakt design is a “recognisable element” in a world shaped by variety. Simplicity and concentration on the essentials give the products their personality and make a clear formal statement. Design from Artefakt has won a number of internationally renowned design awards.

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