Scavolini opens new store in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart

Located in the prestigious Merchandise Mart complex, in downtown Chicago, the new exclusive Scavolini Store was inaugurated on Feb. 20. This important new space follows the opening of the Scavolini Soho Gallery in New York by Scavolini USA, in 2010, which is Manhattan’s largest kitchen showroom to date, and the store inaugurated last September in Miami.

The exclusive location – the world’s widest building at the time of its inauguration in 1930 – belonged the Kennedy family for many years. Currently, several of its floors house the Design Center, which includes boutiques of the most renowned European and U.S. brands in the furniture, design, and material and construction sectors. An unmissable venue for design enthusiasts, the Scavolini Store is located in a strategic position right near the main entrance to the Mart.

With its 300-square-metre exhibition space, the showroom is entirely dedicated to the Italian-made production of Scavolini, the leading Italian brand in the kitchen sector since 1984, which expanded into the bathroom sector last year. The store enables visitors to experience and discover the latest proposals, and houses six kitchen models of the Diesel Social Kitchen, Tetrix, Scenery, Flux, Liberamente and Open collections, in addition to 1 Liberamente living area composition and the Aquo, Font, Idro and Rivo collections of the Scavolini Bathrooms range.

The new point of sale is managed by two sisters, Niki and Alisha Serras, and by Alisha’s husband, Brian Gamache, who’ve been collaborating with Scavolini ever since 2009. In fact, they also manage two other stores, one in Detroit the other in Birmingham.

A perfect example of Scavolini’s distribution policy, Scavolini Store represents an important strategic factor and reflects the company’s firm belief that the quality of the purchase experience is decisive in conveying the brand’s value to the consumer. The project, launched in 2006, currently includes 90 stores in Italy and 60 stores abroad.

All Scavolini Stores – similarly to the other brand’s points of sale – are distinguished by their highly qualified and professional staff. The company trains its sales staff personally and, since 1994, has been promoting the multi-year project “Growing together,” consisting in a cycle of workshops reserved for retailers. The initiative has enjoyed widespread success over the years and reached its 16th edition in 2013. The Scavolini Store operation is part of a broader distribution strategy currently being implemented by the company on the global market, with significant and on-going investments to consolidate its distribution network. The latter includes over 1,000 points of sale in Italy, 150 in Europe, 50 in Russia and the Eastern European Republics, 30 in North America, 15 in Central and South America, and the same number in Asia and Oceania.


Scavolini was founded in Pesaro in 1961, thanks to the enterprise of brothers Valter and Elvino Scavolini. Within the space of a few years, the small artisan company specialising in kitchen production developed into one of the most important Italian industrial realities. In 1984, Scavolini became the industry’s market leader for Italy, a position which it continues to hold to this day. The company expanded considerably in a short time and, nowadays, boasts an industrial plant covering 204,215 square metres (of which 90,000 square metres is indoors) that employs 550 people. Today, thanks to the Scavolini and Scavolini Bathrooms brands, the company is able to offer complete solutions for the kitchen, living area and bathroom. Indeed, Scavolini is no longer just ‘Italy’s favourite kitchen’ but also a ‘big world’ where the main home furnishing areas are the prime focus of the company’s activity.

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