Italian door company Bertolotto Porte enters U.S. market, introduces three new collections

Italy’s Bertolotto Porte – founded in 1988 – is now entering the U.S. market. The company is a world-class leader in the manufacturing of doors for interiors (swing, sliding and hidden doors), both reinforced and REI (supplied to the contract sector), in a classic, modern or design style.

The company is continually expanding. The product range has 38,000 customizable templates with 35 types of doors and 78 standard colours, as well as a wide range of accessories, glass and handles.

What’s more, Bertolotto Porte is introducing three new collections: Natura, Fashion and Boulevard.


Designer: D&R Bertolotto Porte. The collection takes its inspiration from nature-related themes; and so leaves, trees, winds and stylized designs are printed on the door panels, engraved or pantographed on a thick layer of MDF or sandblasted glass. Playing with relief, the materialized signs transform the door panels into works of art. They include traits that show interlacing branches, stems or asymmetrical flower petals.


Designer: D&R Bertolotto Porte. It is an essential and technical product, the synthesis between modernity and trendy: essential lines but in real wood, patterns with wooden slats, veining contrast made by hand by wood inlayers are shown in natural or glossy mirror finish.


Designer: Gianni Arnaudo. The new Boulevard door collection confirms the collaboration between the company Bertolotto Porte and the well-known architect Gianni Arnaudo . These are models inspired by nature-related themes and which provide a unique style for room furnishing. The striking effect that emerges is that of a tree in perspective or of a fantasy forest. Everyone can freely play with the imagination. As suggested by Gianni Arnaudo “enter the new planet of doors” with the Boulevard collection.


Bertolotto Porte S.p.A. , founded in 1988, is an Italian world leader within the production of interior doors combining classic styles, modernity and design. More than 250,000 doors are created per year, out of which nearly 1,000 doors are produced per day. That includes 38,000 customizable door models of 35 different kinds and in 78 different colours. Accessories, glass and handles complete the collection. Bertolotto Porte is a company who has seen continuous and steady expansion, which has led it to be among today’s market leaders.

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