Crossville introduces porcelain tile made specially for the great outdoors

Crossville, Inc. has announced the introduction of Garden, a porcelain-tile collection created specifically for outdoor applications. As a solutions-focused manufacturer, Crossville brings this new line to its product roster to offer designers and product specifiers a natural stone-look option with superior technical advantages that meet the demands of exterior applications.

“Garden has the clefted surface and resistance to temperature shifts that outdoor installations require,” says Crossville VP of Marketing Lindsey Waldrep. “And it has the look and distinct texturing to blend beautifully with exterior settings.”

The collection replicates the appearance of natural stone by converging authentically nuanced colour and shading with richly textured surfaces. The trio of colours in the line – Belvedere, Arboretum and Colonnade – take cues from Italian volcanic stone, Porfido stone and cobbled limestone. Sizes offered are 6”x6”, 6”x12,” 12”x12” and 12”x24” field tiles, as well as a bullnose trim for finished looks.

“The three colours mimic the look of stones commonly used in landscape design, so that paved pathways harmonize with nature for a cohesive environment,” says Waldrep. “When our Hydrotect coating is applied to Garden, the tiles are able to not only blend with nature, but they act like nature – thanks to nitrogen oxide–reducing, air-cleaning properties that Hydrotect gives.”

This unique collection is globally sourced, resistant to chemicals, moisture and extreme temperatures, regardless of the climate, and it offers a high Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF). It is recommended for use on exterior floors, walls and interior transitional spaces in commercial and residential environments.

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