From Fermob, a new sun lounger that suggests a blade of grass swaying in a summer breeze

French outdoor-furniture manufacturer Fermob is embarking on a new partnership with the young, talented designer Sakura Adachi.

Born in Japan, Adachi moved to London, after finishing her diploma in Art and Design at Musashino University, and completed her studies there. As a young graduate with a Master’s in Industrial Design, she won several prizes at the same time and continued her career in Milan at a number of leading design agencies.

In 2008, she opened her own studio in Milan and works today with leading Italian and European brands – all of them attracted by her multicultural approach to both the conceptual and artistic elements of design, with a focus on the history and functionality of products.

This past year she worked with Fermob to create Osmose, a brilliantly designed invitation to relaxation. We all dream of it and now Fermob has made it possible: not a bed, not a sun lounger, not a hammock, but all three at the same time.

At first glance it’s a peculiar, eye-catching object: a pure expression of design in the garden. A pared-down but highly sophisticated piece: an iconic chaise longue designed to reflect and accommodate all these different possible uses. One of its features, for example, is an integrated parasol to provide protection from direct sunlight.

It’s also beautifully plant-like, with generous curves that strike you as undulating, gentle and welcoming. It features fabric that’s stretched just the right amount for comfort from head to toe. Add to that its mobility and complete foldability.

Osmose is available in three colours: Turquoise, Verbena and Nutmeg.

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