Designer and artist Arik Levy creates a RockGrowth sculpture for the Atomium in Brussels

The Atomium receives the artist Arik Levy with a RockGrowth sculpture specifically created for the Atomium, starting from Apr. 25. The exhibition is organized as part of the Art Brussels event and Design September. For the second edition of Artview, the Atomium invites you to discover the work of artist Arik Levy.

The Atomium is a building in Brussels originally constructed for Expo ’58, the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. Designed by the engineer André Waterkeyn and architects André and Jean Polak, it stands 102 metres tall. 

The original ambition of ARTVIEW is to look to both the contemporary art lovers as well as to the creators. With this exhibition underneath the Atomium, the visitor can discover a series of creations, among which the RockGrowth Atomium, specifically created for this venue.

Says Levy, “The designated location is right under the Atomium edifice. It’s a superb location for a coloured piece that will reflect in the Atomium spheres again and again. The art work, nine metres high, is made in stainless steel and a major part of it is painted in red. All the ends of the growth arms are mirror-polished so as to reflect images of the surroundings: people, light, sunset, trees, clouds etc. This reflection appears as if coming from the inside of the sculpture and it gives the idea of being able to look into its DNA structure – our social structure – as if using an atomic force microscope. The RockGrowth represents development and changes, innovation and emotional growth at the same time.”


RockGrowth represents the evolution of the Absent Nature (ongoing project): the impossible assumption – from a biological point of view – of planting a “Rock” (mineral) as a vegetal seed and observe, as a witness, its germinating process and growth, taking part in the genetic intimacy of its evolving nature and natural process, and have it interact with his own thinking. Arik Levy feels the need to create his own world of possibilities and projections, assumptions and axioms.

When the Rock is planted or put in the ground the mineral transforms by bio-mimicry, adopts a vegetal DNA and germinates. It grows, erects and develops both over and under ground. Each and every one of its facets grows and develops at its own speed, direction and dimension, giving birth to a faceted tree trunk that later, when cut, becomes a faceted Log. Simultaneously, both bulbs and roots produce branching points of growth where the developing facets will extend. Each one of these outgrowths becomes a RockGrowth.

In the environment of RockGrowth Atomium, two other sculptures will be installed under the Atomium. Inside the building, the visitor will discover a series of artworks on Absent Nature and the evolution of the Rock, “the making off” of the RockGrowth Atomium as well as a filmed interview with Arik Levy.

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