Introducing two new items from Portuguese designer Marco Sousa: a sideboard and a coffee table

Portuguese designer Marco Sousa is introducing two new products: the Orchestral sideboard and the Harmonica coffee table. Orchestral – Sideboard

ORCHESTRAL sideboard

“The emergence of the orchestra is connected to autonomy and a standardization of instrumental groups, always following a trend of development of urban and bourgeois culture. Constituted by great instruments sound power, it has a majestic shape for those who observe it. When we have the opportunity to watch a show of these, in addition to the instruments, there are two colours that mark us. Scenery and musicians, and it is this fusion that Marco Sousa creates this unique sideboard.”

HARMONICA coffee table

“Harmonica is a free reed wind instrument used worldwide in many musical genres. This small rectangular wind instrument consisting of free metal reeds set in slots in a small wooden frame and blown through two parallel rows of wind channels as inspired Marco Sousa. Observing this instrument that suits various types of music, he wanted to create a piece that can fit various environments too. Its shape, colours and sounds inspired Marco to create this coffee table.

Born in Oporto, Portugal, Marco Sousa traveled around the world. These experiences gave him an international background and the skills to create a collection which is inspired by the different sounds that arise in the world. The richness of the world is based on the variety of cultures, art and traditions. Music is an art form that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony and colour.

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