Czech designer Lucie Koldova has created the very first cork sofa – for Belgian company Per/Use

Lucie Koldova just designed the very cork sofa ever made. For the launching of young Belgium company Per/use, the Czech designer imagines the Corques sofa using cork as basic material. This sustainable cork comes from production leftovers in Portuguese bottle cork factories.

The sofa is defined by a strong, sparkling design as well as environmental awareness. A curvaceous, organic outer contour combines the earthy-coloured cork with the contrasting colourful Divina fabric from Kvadrat. It’s available as a double seater sofa or armchairs.

Cork is known for its distinctive properties of elasticity, durability and low conductivity. On top of this, it is completely natural and biodegradable which makes it a very attractive material to work with. Other benefits are the versatility of this material and the resistance to wear and tear.


Koldova is a product and furniture designer born in Czech Republic. After graduating at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2009, she moved to Paris. She works as a furniture and light designer, and established her own studio in Paris in 2012.

Koldova appreciates influences, inspiration and different cultures melting  together in both – Prague and Paris where she continues working for international clients .She produces furniture pieces, glass sculptures and timeless lights. Her work ranges  from daily products to poetic gallery objects and limited series.

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Per/Use is a Belgian design brand that offers a balanced mix of furniture and accessories designed by international designers. The functional collection, with a dignified and timeless character, however not missing a contemporary twist, is inspired by familiar names as well as emerging design personalities.  A few key words are: simple yet smart, basic yet timeless, sober yet rich. Per/Use brings the best quality through good craftsmanship, working mainly with natural materials, such as wood and glass. The eco-friendly and sustainable products are all made in Europe.

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