Introducing a new wooden puzzle – called Oblika – from Jonathan Dorthe for Montreal-based Atelier-D

Oblika is a puzzle composed of 22 geometric pieces. Arrange the pieces inside the wooden frame to form a square, or play outside the box and create many original and fun shapes. Each piece is unique and is etched with a linear pattern. The puzzle can be assembled in many different ways – a world of possibilities. There is a version in etched wood and one in black plastic. Designed by Jonathan Dorthe for Montreal based Atelier-D.


Atelier-D is born from designer Jonathan Dorthe’s desire to reinterpret traditional craft techniques. He uses new technologies to produce limited editions of everyday contemporary objects. Inspired by his studies in architecture and interest in patterns, he creates an architectural vocabulary by mixing motifs with materials. Throughout his collections, Atelier-D tries to define contemporary craftsmanship.

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