Light years

As I did with sofas a few issues ago (January/February 2014), I’ve gathered together representative lamps from the pages of CI for the years 1964, 1974, 1984, 1994 and 2004 – to shed a little light on how styles have changed over time.

From 1964: Danish pendant lamp designed by Niels Esmann and Hans C. Jensen for Nordisk Solar Compagni. From 1974:
toadstool light with high capacity for large working tables, from Raak Lighting of the Netherlands. From 1984: Neon pink flamingo, manufactured by The Electric Gallery. From 1994: Structurella Bright low-voltage system from Italy’s Targetti. And from 2004: Sol pendant light fixture of three intertwined glass petals, designed by Andrea and Robert White of Montreal’s Brave Design.

Funny how the oldest lamp seems the most timeless.  cI