Introducing the new heat-treated Wood U decking – as durable as it is handsome – made from red oak and white ash

Wood U is a new decking made from red oak and white ash benefitting from a patented German technology, enabling the wooden slats to be locked in and giving it a high level of stability.

The heat-treated wood offers an impressive stability, with no warping or distortion, along with an excellent four-season durability. An aluminium-rail system allows it to be simply installed.

Wood U is sold by Jardin de Ville, a Quebec-based company ranking among the leaders in design and exclusive product lines.
The selections are available in showrooms located in Mirabel, Montreal, Brossard (Dix30), Quebec, in Quebec, as well as in Toronto and Fort Myers, Florida.

Wood U, a company newly-founded by young entrepreneurs, enters the world of decking with an unparalleled product in America.

Over the last decade, heat-treated wood has been tainted with a negative image because the manufacturers were not using the appropriate wood types or heating them at the right temperatures. The result of such a process, despite considerable financial outflow, will not be beneficial. Not only are the essences critical when discussing heat-treated wood, but the treatment process itself is the cornerstone of the final product.


Jardin de Ville is a Quebec-based company ranking among the leaders in design and marketing of upscale outdoor furniture, and offering several exclusive product lines. Since its founding  in 1956, Jardin de Ville has continued to grow at a remarkable rate and has acquired a reputation that is recognized internationally. The company has won several prestigious awards over the years, which reflect upon its revolutionary spirit, boldness and refinement that continue to animate and inspire business on a daily basis.

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