Architects from 12 Canadian cities are named 2014 Fellows by the RAIC | Architecture Canada

The Toronto designer of a Baha’i temple in Chile, a Vancouver wood champion, a Halifax historic conservation expert and a Montreal hospital specialist are among the architects from across Canada to be named 2014 Fellows by the RAIC | Architecture Canada.

The RAIC College of Fellows bestows Fellowship in recognition of outstanding achievement. Criteria include design excellence, exceptional scholarly contribution or distinguished service to the profession or the community.  

The 34 architects hail from Halifax, Charlottetown, Montreal, Ottawa, Guelph, Brandon, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Burnaby.

They include Siamak Hariri, FRAIC, of Toronto, partner-in-charge of the Baha’i Temple of South America; LuborTrubka, FRAIC, known for designs utilizing wood; Graeme Duffus, FRAIC, currently overseeing restoration of Halifax City Hall; and Sylvie Girard, FIRAC, whose portfolio includes the master plan for Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital. 

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Fellows will be inducted at the College of Fellows Convocation, which takes place during the Festival of Architecture in Winnipeg, May 28-31. It is held by the RAIC in partnership with the Manitoba Association of Architects.

Two internationally renowned architects will receive Honorary Fellowships.

Bjarke Ingels, Hon. FRAIC – The founder of BIG in Denmark has developed a reputation for designing buildings that are innovative and resource -conscious. He will be the keynote speaker during the College of Fellows Convocation ceremony on May 29.

Antoine Predock, Hon. FRAIC  Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Mr. Predock designed the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, under construction in Winnipeg. He will speak during the Festival’s opening reception on May 28.


Prince Edward Island

Howard S. Coles, FRAIC, Charlottetown

Nova Scotia

Ronald George Burdock, FRAIC, Halifax

Graeme F. Duffus, FRAIC, Halifax

Dennis J. R. Ramsay, FRAIC, Halifax


Gavin Affleck, FRAIC, Montreal

Sylvie Girard, FIRAC, Montreal

Harry Yaghjian, FIRAC, Montreal


Anthony Leaning, FRAIC, Ottawa              

Allan Teramura, FRAIC, Ottawa

Phillip H. Beinhaker, FRAIC, Toronto

J. William Birdsell, FRAIC, Guelph

Robert Davies, FRAIC, Toronto

Mariusz T. Gontarz, FRAIC, Toronto

Timothy B. Gorley, FRAIC, Toronto

D. Brian Gregersen, FRAIC, Toronto

Siamak Hariri, FRAIC, Toronto

Clifford Lee Harvey, FRAIC, Toronto

Carol Susan Phillips, FRAIC, Toronto

David Pontarini, FRAIC, Toronto

Kendra Schank Smith, FRAIC, Toronto


Michael J. Cox, FRAIC, Brandon

Jerald D. Peters, FRAIC, Winnipeg

James R. Wagner, FRAIC, Winnipeg


Robert Burnyeat, FRAIC, Saskatoon

Charles Haddon Olfert, FRAIC, Saskatoon

Colin Forsyth Tennent, FRAIC, Saskatoon


Marc Boutin, FRAIC, Calgary

Peter James Streith, FRAIC, Edmonton

British Columbia

Thomas S. Annandale, FRAIC, Vancouver

Martin Brückner, FRAIC, Vancouver

Peter Cardew, FRAIC, Vancouver

Peter Anthony Levar, FRAIC, Burnaby

Foad Rafii, FRAIC, Vancouver

Lubor Tomas Trubka, FRAIC, Vancouver

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada is a voluntary national association established in 1907 as the voice for architecture and the profession in Canada. Representing about 4,800 members, the RAIC works:

• To advocate for excellence in the built environment

• To celebrate the richness and diversity of architecture in Canada

• To support architects in achieving excellence 

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