Spanish lighting company Parachilna introduces new lamps from Stephen Burks and Jaime Hayon

Spanish lighting company Parachilna was born from its owners love of luxury. For them, luxury is about the integrity of the design, the quality of the materials and the artisanal craftsmanship that creates it – preserving the skills and knowledge of the few remaining metalsmiths, glass blowers, ceramicists and other skilled craftsmen that still remain in Europe and, they hope, in other parts of the world. Parachilna hopes to work with from every corner of the globe. 

Its latest introductions area Anwar, by American designer Stephen Burks, and Aballs, by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon.


Stephen Burks’s design has always been strongly influenced by ethnic craftsmanship. He understood Parachilna’s spirit at first sight and challenged the company with a geometrically simple, yet complex metal structure that put its metalsmiths to the test. This entailed individually welding 96 steel rods, each 4 mm in diameter in a 20 cm ring and each with a different curving, in order to make them fit together when assembling.

Burks designed three open volumes that may work individually or combined in sets of two, which opens a broad range of shape combinations. The family of lamps consists of three floor lamps, three hanging lamps, and the combinations of the different structures. The result is the Anwar family, an expressive new concept in lighting that provides both the right direct lighting for any surface or the most dramatic lighting ambiance for any mood. The word “Anwar,” by the way, means luminous or of light and is the name of Stephen Burks’s son.


Said Parachilna to designer Jaime Hayon, “Jaime, we are looking for a lamp, straightforward but imbued with the spirit of Parachilna: rich materials, traditional skills blended with artisanal craftsmanship and impeccable finishes. Design-wise…you take care of it.”

Based in blown-glass spheres, the Aballs collection includes a chandelier, hanging lamps available in three different sizes, and table lamps available in two sizes. The chandelier showcases a golden electroplated or white, black lacquered steel structure matching the colours of the ceramic bodies; 24 blown-glass diffusers complete the fixture. The hanging and table lamps are made up of a blown-glass diffuser and a white, black or golden ceramics base. The result is a set of strongly decorative objects that produce a warm ambient light and can be used in a domestic environment as well as in contract projects.

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