Sitap’s Italian Home Style collection comprises a large and varied selection of carpets and rugs

Italy’s Sitap company was founded in 1993 as a distributor of quality carpets made by the best manufacturers worldwide, to supply important outlets dealing in furniture items and textiles.

It quickly gained a prominent position in the distribution of contemporary carpets, thanks to wide ranges of readily available models in various sizes (custom sizes included) designed to interpret the trends of modern lifestyles, competitive prices, and an efficient, widespread distribution network. The wealth of experience gathered as distributors has been applied to creating a large and varied collection of carpets and rugs called Italian Home Style.

The collection includes machine-woven and hand-loomed carpets available in a variety of materials – such as wool, vegetable silk, acrylic fibre, polypropylene, polyester, cotton, sisal, bamboo and leather – all selected and renewed each year with typical Italian taste to better serve the household and its inhabitants.

A passion for textiles and an entrepreneurial spirit geared to investing in the talent of young Italian designers brought Sitap to take another step forward in 2011 and to become editore tessile – a qualification attributed in Italy to companies involved in creating, producing and selecting the finest designs and materials for textiles.

Since then, Sitap has been drawing new ideas, skills and sensibilities into its organization. These are then organized and channelled into the production of unique models of carpets expressing the creativity and know-how for which Italian products are appreciated around the world. The carpets of the Italian Home Design collection are original creations made with different handicraft techniques emphasizing trends and materials, including natural materials such as wool, vegetable silk, hemp, cotton, jute and linen.

Every year Sitap revises and renews the colours, materials and models of its carpets to stay at the front line of fashion and originality. 

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