Show report: the Malaysian International Furniture Fair

The Malaysian International Furniture Fair presented its 20th edition from March 4 to 8.

The show clearly reveals the growing Asian economy. MIFF debuted in 1995 with 152 Malaysian exhibitors and 2,500 buyers; this year, it featured 500 local and international exhibitors and over 6,000 buyers from all around the world.

The global appeal of MIFF is reflected in its impressive turnout of buyers from over 140 countries. Sales actually happen during the fair and you could see buyers seriously engaged in negotiations. This way of doing business are uncommon these days in most Western exhibitions, where marketing and branding are the rules, turning most shows into promotional and inspirational experiences.

There’s a definite link between Malaysia’s multiculturalism and the International feeling at the show – with individuals from a myriad of different backgrounds interested in sourcing and buying new furniture, as well as looking for the best opportunities for new suppliers. The show has recently expanding its international recognition and is working on his appeal for Western visitors and exhibitors.

Some products showed by Malaysian manufacturers feature European-inspired design, and offer great prices and excellent quality: the competition with Western companies is going to be tough. Malaysia is growing as a useful source for international professionals involved in large-scale projects.

The potential of the ASEAN market (the Association of the South-East Asian Nations) is in fact its 600,000,000 people, who represent a growing economy and expanding middle class, more and more eager to purchase Western high-end products and renowned brands.

One of the first Harrods’ hotels of the world, to mention a worldwide brand, is going to be built in Kuala Lumpur by the Qatar Holding LLC, the investment arm of that country’s sovereign-wealth fund, which is looking to invest even more in Malaysia because of his growing economy.

The show recently joined the UBM portfolio of fairs and trade shows. That means investments in even more recognition on the international scene and interest in international visitors.