Copenhagen-based Studio David Thulstrup celebrates midsummer with funky vase

To celebrate midsummer, Studio David Thulstrup has experimented with the idea of twisting the classical flower vase into an object that has been inspired by Nordic traditional rituals that are celebrated at the end of June.

Dancing around the maypole in June for midsummer is a ritual that is one of the most important during the year. Greens and flowers are collected and used to decorate the maypole and young girls make crowns out of wild springs and wildflowers to wear on their heads.

The folks at Studio David Thulstrup love this time of year and these rituals. It’s the time of year where the days are longest, continuing all the way into the night and where all the flowers blossom after a hard winter. It’s a time of celebration in the Nordic countries.

They were inspired by the maypole and flower crowns that are made during this time of year and wanted to create a series of objects that reflects these two elements.


Studio David Thulstrup is an architecture and design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark, founded by David Thulstrup in 2009. Its members create unique concepts of visual branding that will help optimize business, by investigating their values, needs and identity. At the studio, they work within all the various fields of architecture but their main focus so far has been within fashion retail. The team consist of architects, designers, 3D-designers, furniture designers, visual business developers and material experts, and their various backgrounds are put together, forming targeted teams for each projects.


David Thulstrup, interior architect and founder and CEO of Studio David Thulstrup, started his career in Paris working with French architect Jean Nouvel, developing concepts for restaurants, office buildings, exhibition designs, private housing and larger apartment buildings. He later moved to New York City and worked for Peter Marino, where he became responsible for the creative development of many Chanel stores, including the Robertson Boulevard store. In 2009, he founded his own studio and today he is based in Denmark, working with clients all over the world – many of them operating between 25 and 1,000 stores, hotels or restaurants.

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