Asia modern

Some of the most sheerly exuberant design these days is being done for Asian restaurants, including Pearl Restaurant and Su&shi Noodle Bar in Toronto, and Spring Sushi in nearby Hamilton.

Located in busy Bayview Village Shopping Centre in north Toronto, the new Pearl Restaurant is a modern translation of the decades-old original (still thriving) on the city’s waterfront. Toronto’s Superkül took as its inspiration the iconic Chinese plum, the winter-blooming tree symbolizing strength and endurance. Acrylic panels die-cut in the shape of plum petals and flowers frame the space. The white and blue design provides a crisp and modern aesthetic, and offers a visual respite from a typically hectic and hermetic mall environment.

J. Cho Design, based in Unionville, Ont., was tasked with recreating Spring Sushi on Upper James Street in Hamilton, which had partially burned down after an unfortunate incident. The biggest obstacle the team faced was how to eliminate the visual barrier the kitchen – positioned dead centre – presented. The solution is a large ceiling feature in the shape of a DNA double helix, comprising 600 feet of LED and fibre-optic panels embellished with Swarovski crystals. This vibrant “cloud” not only links the two dining spaces separated by the kitchen, but also provides a memorable visual metaphor for Spring Sushi’s rebirth.

To realize Su&shi Noodle Bar in Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre, the city’s Fuel* DesignLab also looked up – creating a flowing flower ceiling that embodies the playful essence of the brand. The entrance portal and furniture are integrated to create a sense of spatial separation without the use of walls, allowing the client to maximize seating capacity without compromising comfort and accessibility. Imported flamed granite, custom-formed steel tables, powdercoated aluminum flowers and large-format graphics come together to create a unified whole.  cI