Three new offerings from Versa Wallcovering

Among the latest offerings from Louisville, KY-based Versa Wallcoverings are the following three striking designs.


Inspired by the crisscrossing ropes of the Djembe drum, Versa Wallcovering’s Zambra brings tribal influence to the wall. Djembe translates to “gather peace” and, like its namesake, the wallcovering exudes soothing hand-crafted qualities. Reflective of earthy native craft, Zambra responds to our desire for handmade artisanal looks. Great for walls with imperfections, the proprietary raised embossing projects gentle movement with jagged lines that appear vertical from one perspective and horizontal from others. Eighteen colours shimmer in metallic inks, run from pure white to inky black, and include vivids such as indigo and Everglades. Made with Second-Look technology, Zambra has 20-per-cent recycled content and is certified to the NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Standard for Wallcovering. Zambra measures 52”/54” and is made of 24-oz. low-VOC vinyl. 


Geometry takes the lead role in Versa Wallcovering’s production for the wall called Urban Oasis. The structured diamond embossing is refreshingly classic, clean and architectural. Changes in light continually add new dimension to this rhythmic pattern. Touchably tactile, it comes in an expansive palette of 18 colours to suit a range of applications. Metallics such as Steel and dramatic saturated blues, blacks and reds bring big city chic to the wall. Or explore the design’s earthy side, creating a craft aesthetic in naturalistic hues of woven grass and rustic wood. Sleek tans, taupes and bright whites create understated but definitive surface interest. Urban Oasis is low-VOC and certified to the NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Standard for Wallcovering. 


Shimmery, soft and iridescent, Gossamer by Versa Wallcovering brings the look of pleated silk to the wall. The low-VOC vinyl wallcovering blends colour and texture to replicate the intricate threads and subtle folds of a natural textile. So dimensional that you’re drawn to touch it, Gossamer has a surprisingly smooth surface that provides a high degree of cleanability in healthcare and high-traffic spaces. Twenty-one colours include rich, velvety neutrals, a range of water-conjuring blues, and earthy hues that lend wood grain effects. The sophisticated texture establishes an upscale backdrop for environments from corporate to hospitality, retail and healthcare. The Type II vinyl wallcovering is certified to the NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Standard.

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