A new light sculpture by Rossi & Bianchi Studio for FLOS casts a mysterious glow

Designed by Rossi & Bianchi Studio for FLOS, Ipnos is a new outdoor-indoor LED light sculpture created with elements of a modern-day lantern. Ipnos was designed in the unique shape of a hollow cuboid, from which light floats effortlessly between its metal frames, something only possible with LED technology. Weighing only two pounds, Ipnos is easily portable yet remains sturdy through wind and various weather elements.

Nicoletta Rossi and Guido Bianchi are both Italian architects based in Milan, and they have teamed up with Italian lighting manufacturer FLOS for the first time on Ipnos. “We thought it would be interesting to use this innovative technology in the most understated manner, almost mysteriously,” say Rossi and Bianchi, “a discreet presence bringing light in the least intrusive way.”

The LEDs are hidden within the top edges of the skeletal edging, protected by transparent PC diffusers, and can be dimmed or brightened by a switch on the power cord. The lamp is available in black, bronze or natural; all finishes are anodized.

For more info, visit http://usa.flos.com/