Introducing Pattern Foundry – an intriguing kind of conceptual factory

Pattern Foundry is essentially a conceptual factory where past ideas and existing archival materials are made to collide with the new to produce designs. These pattern-based designs are in turn translated to produce objects (ceramics, textiles, carpets, etc.) that are marketed.

People from mathematics, science, architecture, fashion, art, design and music have collaborated such that unexpected dialogues and insights have been generated. The Pattern Foundry is driven by novel juxtapositions of ideas through conversations, research and experimentation.

Professional craftspeople in the U.K. and beyond are brought together to make unique design objects, such as tiles, rugs and textiles. The use of cutting-edge technology and experimentation is central to this ethic.

In an attempt to make art accessible, Pattern Foundry forms partnerships. This leads to exhibitions of objects, performances, lectures, pedagogical talks, and the publishing of texts, images and ideas.

A central objective of the Foundry is to constitute an archive over time. Digital collections of patterns, for instance, will then become an invaluable resource for artists, manufacturers, students and the wider public.

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