American Standard line of walk-in tubs and seated showers makes residences and hospitals safer

Easy Tubs Sales & Installations has announced the launch of the award-winning American Standard Brand line of walk-in bathtubs and seated showers in the Toronto residential and commercial markets. With a large walk-in tub door that swings outward, built-in contoured seat and deep soaking dimension, the innovative new units make it safe and easy to enter and exit the tub, while providing all the health benefits of a full body bathing experience.

“Easy Tubs is the first company of its kind in Toronto to provide a full sales and door-to-door installation service for the American Standard and Safety Tub walk-in tubs and seated showers,” says director of sales Michael Hayne. “The baths have won numerous prestigious design awards for their high-quality engineering and modern, luxurious look. It is a convenient, dignified solution for the growing number of seniors and many others with limited mobility.”

According to an extensive body of research worldwide, slips and falls caused by stepping over high tub walls contribute to making the bathroom the most dangerous room in the home after the kitchen. One study in Australia showed that more than one third of people over 65 required hospital admission following a bathroom incident. According to the National Safety Council, one person dies every day from using a bathtub or shower in the U.S. and there are approximately 140,000 bathtub and shower injuries each year, many due to slips and falls caused by the conventional bathtub design.

In 2011, the first members of the 9.6 million baby boomers – almost three Canadians in 10 – turned 65, making bathroom safety an increasingly important concern for this aging demographic. At the same time, in a 2013 survey by the Canadian Medical Association, 93 per cent of Canadians surveyed believed seniors should be kept at home as long as possible. Walk-in tubs and seated showers make bathing easier for individuals as well as nurses and personal support workers assisting in private residences. Transfer from a wheelchair is trouble-free. Other safety features include a textured floor and a sturdy grab bar.

Furthermore, the Quick Drain system developed by American Standard uses a powerful pump to drain the tub in approximately two minutes. Most other walk-in tubs cause the bather to become chilled waiting up to 10 minutes for the water to drain before they can exit the tub. Fully customizable, American Standard walk-in baths and seated showers are designed to fit within the standard tub and shower openings, making installation simple and cost-effective.

Easy Tubs will begin its door-to-door service immediately in this fast-growing market. In the commercial sector, the company will begin installation at hospitals, and nursing/retirement homes. Walk-in tubs are also gaining popularity among gyms and private clubs.


Founded in 2014, Easy Tubs Sales & Installations specializes in the sales, installation and service of the American Standard Brand walk-in bathtubs and seated showers within Toronto’s residential and commercial markets. In 2013, American Standard announced the launch of its walk-in bathtub division following the acquisition of the award-winning Safety Tubs LLC, the second largest manufacturer and supplier of walk-in bathtubs in America. American Standard is a trusted brand that has been providing safety and comfort to consumers for over 130 years. In its venture into the Toronto market, Easy Tubs has also partnered with The Walk-In Tub Company Inc. and Shoppers Home Health Care, which has commissioned the company to install and service its Toronto locations.

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