The latest from prolific Canadian designer Karim Rashid: the Cubika collection for Cielo

Karim Rashid has designed Cielo’s new Cubika collection: practical, democratic design for contemporary bathrooms.

This marks the Italian company’s second teaming up with Rashid, after the success of his Amedeo freestanding washbasin and Tattoo shower plates. Joining its Karim collection are the Cubika washbasins and bathroom fixtures. The world-famous designer focused his creative inspiration on designing pieces with a powerful, versatile personality, taking a functional approach to their design. The resulting products are high quality and affordable, suited to all kinds of settings.

Cubika’s greatest strengths are its original design and the comfort of its ample proportions, making it a perfect new emblem of Cielo’s quintessentially Italian style and quality. Cielo is an excellent manufacturer that brings back Italian manufacturing tradition in combination with state-of-the-art technology to create high-design collections for contemporary bathrooms that embody the uniqueness of handmade products.

Cubika includes a suspended toilet and bidet, with clean lines and a double volume; and two washbasins, 120 cm or 140 cm, designed to be installed suspended or semi-recessed, featuring an elegantly organic form and a large basin.

They are the latest evidence of Cielo’s unfailing commitment to developing unique designs for contemporary bathrooms. As a company, Cielo represents a mindstyle that is profoundly tied to its local manufacturing tradition and the design of industrial products for the bathroom.

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