From Germany’s Schock – inventor of the granite sink – a new surface called Vintage

The new, visionary Vintage surface from German company Schock – the inventor of the granite sink – lends modern sinks the look of times gone by.

Old items of furniture and home accessories radiate something special. Characteristic of the look are worn surfaces, bleached and faded colours and small scratches that bear witness to the items use and lend the furniture a very individual charm. And the retro-style interior design philosophy has also made its way into the kitchen.

Lovers of shabby chic can choose from an abundance of modern vintage-style furniture. Now Schock unveils something that will revolutionize the design of stylistically matching sinks for this interior trend.

Its new Cristadur and Cristalite Plus come in Vintage, a fashionable brown with worn areas in which a metal effect dominates. The new colourway reveals its full potential when interacting with the light on the sink, when the look of the pleasantly uneven colouring really makes an impact.

The new Vintage colourway will be available in January 2015 throughout the world.


Schock invented the granite sink and has been one of the leading manufacturer worldwide for over 30 years. In addition to its own brand name manufacturing business, the company serves as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), supplying some of the leading kitchen furniture and stainless steel sink manufacturers. Today, around 75 per cent of the two-million sinks sold every year globally are produced based on manufacturing procedures developed by Schock.

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